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I am an Assistant Professor of Communication at George Washington University. I completed my PhD in Communication at Ohio State University. My research is motivated by understanding how message design can reduce barriers to information processing, and how information processing evoked through message design can facilitate engagement and persuasion. I explore these relationships in health, science, and political contexts. I teach core communication classes and persuasion.

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Jul 2022

New Article!

Predicting vote choice and election outcomes from ballot wording: The role of processing fluency in low information direct democracy elections

Hillary C. Shulman, Matthew D. Sweitzer, Olivia M. Bullock, Jason C. Coronel, Robert M. Bond, & Shannon Poulsen

Political Communication

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Nov 2021

How communicating about discrimination influences attributions of blame and condemnation

DeAndrea, D.C., & Bullock, O.M.

Human Communication Research

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Oct 2021

The interplay of jargon, motivation, and fatigue while processing COVID-19 crisis communication over time

Shulman, H.C., Bullock, O.M., & Riggs, E.E.

Journal of Language and Social Psychology

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Sep 2021

Narratives are persuasive because they are easier to understand: Examining processing fluency as a mechanism of narrative persuasion

Bullock, O.M., Shulman, H.C., & Huskey, R.

Frontiers in Communication

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May 2021

Eye movements predict large-scale voting decisions

Coronel, J.C., Bullock, O.M., Sweitzer, M.D., Bond, R.M., Poulsen, S., & Shulman, H.C.

Psychological Science

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Mar 2021

Utilizing framing theory to design more effective health messages about tanning behavior among college women

Bullock, O.M., & Shulman, H.C.

Communication Studies

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In The News

As a former public relations practitioner, and an advocate of sharing scholarship publicly, I always enjoy it when my research makes it into the news. Check out this popular press coverage of some of my publications.

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Jun 2021

For Political Candidates, Making Jokes Online Might Backfire

The British Psychological Society

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Jun 2021

New Research Shows Candidates Who Use Humor on Twitter May Find the Joke Is on Them

Sci Tech Daily

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